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As of  Aug.15, Our Season is Closed.See you in April!!
Frequently asked Questions
Q: How do you get your crawfish
A:The crawfish are trapped in our many ponds we have on the farm,They reproduce a couple times a year and grow very fast.
The Crawfish we catch today are from the original 50 lb. stock 20 years ago. 

The Crawfish are caught in wire mesh 3 hole traps baited with fish soaked in our special sauce.After the are caught they are held in holding tanks at the ponds until brought up to the spray tanks where they are cleaned of all mud.They are then put in purge tanks where they are fed corn and wheat to clean them out.Now they are ready to eat,Clean,No need to purge all natural Crawfish!

Q: What is the Best way to cook the crawfish?
A: We always Boil and usually use a turkey fryer burner,pot and strainer basket.
Get your water to a rapid boil with whatever seasoning you want to use,Put in crawfish,bring back to a boil for 5-7 min.
Now we dump them in a cooler ,add seasoning salt and shake.The seasoning gets on your fingers,using seasoning in your boil only soaks up so much seasoning!

Q: How many pounds do I need per person?                                   A:We recommend 2-3 lb. per person

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